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By Hanna H.  October 23 2015
This is a continuation of last week’s article on 7 Ways to Save Money on Gas. 

Gas Saving Tip 5. Keep Your Car Tuned
A properly tuned engine maximizes power and can greatly enhance fuel efficiency. Keep your car tuned-up at manufacturer recommended intervals to optimize your miles per gallon. For maximum fuel economy, it's a good idea to change spark plugs and wires on schedule, and also the coil(s) when their effectiveness is breaking down (which can be evidenced by shorting internally). The better your engine runs, the more power it will produce, thereby using less fuel. We can check your coils and spark plugs and let you know if it is time for a change. Read more.
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Top 7 Ways To Save Money On Gas - Part 2

By Hanna H.  October 29 2015
Passionate car enthusiasts think of the surface of their car as they would their face, and take care to make it shine and have a healthy glow. Car washes are aggressive and scratch the car’s finish. Even when the car wash says it uses soft bristles and soft cloth, dirt gets trapped in the cloth and ends up getting scratched against the paint. Also, water pressure can be too high and press dirt against the paint. The best car wash is a hand wash with a car wash solution which will preserve the car’s finish.

Read more.
Car Cleaning Tips
Tips on Keeping the Exterior of Your Car Clean

By Hanna H.  Nov 2 2015
This is a continuation of our 2-Part series on tips on keeping your car clean. Last week, we focused on what we can do to keep the exterior of your car ​spic and span, and wow worthy. This week we focus on tips on how to detail the interior of your car so it looks and smells new, longer.

Start with Compressed Air and Stiff Scrub Brushes on Your Carpets

Fire up the air compressor and blow dirt from the nooks and crannies of your car's floor onto the middle of the carpet, where you can easily vacuum it up. Stiff brushes also loosen dirt from the carpets and upholstery. 

Read more.
Interior Car Cleaning Tips
Tips on Cleaning the Interior of Your Car

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Car Maintenance Tips

By Hanna H.  March 16,  2016
Preparing Your Car For Warm Weather

Warm Weather Driving Vehicle Checks
Now that the warm weather has finally arrived, driving takes on new meaning with road trips, scenic drives and just cruising around in the warm glow of the sun. But a rainy and cold winter takes a toll on your vehicle and leaves your car in need of some helpful and simple maintenance.  

Wherever you decide to go, you want to get there safe and sound. So make sure that your car is prepped for the warm weather before you head out. Check out these tips to make sure your vehicle is prepared for the warmer spring and summer weather.

​Read more.
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Maintenance Tips
Coupons, and Specials
By Hanna H.  March 22, 2016

Is my car overheating?
Unless you drive an old German air-cooled car (Porsche or VW), chances are you'll have to tend to the cooling system of your vehicle someday. Internal combustion engines create friction. Even with the best motor oils, which help to reduce the friction by making everything slippery so that the internal components slide past one another with a minimum amount of resistance, the engine still produces a vast amount of friction. Friction creates heat, the enemy of engines far and wide. 

It is the job of your engine's cooling system to get rid of that heat as quickly and efficiently as possible. Beyond the comfort offered by being able to control the temperature inside your vehicle, your auto’s cooling system is necessary in preventing your ride from breaking down due to incredibly high operating temperatures.
Read more.

Why is Tire Pressure Important?
Want to hear a confession? I often overlook checking the tire pressure. And I’m not alone. People do not regularly check tire inflation, at least not as often as recommended. Newer cars, those bought new in the last 6 years, have a gauge that lights up on your dash if your tire pressure is low. However if you drive a car manufactured before then, proper tire pressure can be a problem.  

So, why is tire pressure so important???

 Read more.
​By Hanna H   28 June 2016
Why is Tire Pressure Important?
​It’s the middle of summer and things can get pretty hot here - no small exaggeration! What better way to escape than going on a road trip? However, nothing can bring your great summer escapade to a screeching halt more quickly than car trouble!  

Winter can be tough on your car but summer can be just as rough. The hot weather poses a whole new set of challenges where your car is concerned. Here are some common reasons for breakdowns, and some tips to avoid being that poor fellow at the side of the road, all prepped for a road trip with nowhere to go.  Read more.

Avoiding hot weather car problem
How Not To Be One Of Those Stopped on The Side of the Road In Hot Weather
By Hannah H     9 September 2016