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​By Hanna H 09 June 2016
Looking to buy a new car? These days, carmakers have made it ever more interesting by having a wealth of options that could take your car from stock model blah to top of the line wow. If you have the budget, by all means go for the bells and whistles. But be warned, things really add up and you could end up paying almost double the cost of that base model.

I was reading an article on The Verge by Jason Harper and he had an interesting take on this. He said “when you’re considering a new car and its various options and convenience packages, it’s worth giving serious thought to those you’ll actually use. Just like apps on your phone or gadget conveniences for the kitchen, you’ll soon discover that some car options are worth every dollar, while you’ll never use others.” Read more.
New Car Options
New Car Options: Stock-Model Blah To Top-of-the-Line WOW!

Electric cars are easier to drive.
Electric cars have undergone a surge in popularity in recent years, but electric vehicles were already being made in the late 19th Century. Interest in electric vehicles returned during the oil energy crisis of the 1970s and 1980s, but the cars never achieved mass production. Still, electric vehicles have been making a comeback since 2008, with the introduction of fully electric cars such as the Tesla Motors Roadster (and, subsequently, the Model S), and the Nissan Leaf. 

This new technology offers a cleaner alternative to internal combustion engines, and use electric motors powered by electrochemical devices. Read more.
​By Hanna H 16 June 2016
Electric Cars Are Nicer to Drive
Why is Tire Pressure Important?
Want to hear a confession? I often overlook checking the tire pressure. And I’m not alone. 

People do not regularly check tire inflation, at least not as often as recommended. Newer cars, those bought new in the last 6 years, have a gauge that lights up on your dash if your tire pressure is low. 

However if you drive a car manufactured before then, proper tire pressure can be a problem.  

So, why is tire pressure so important???

 Read more.
​By Hanna H   28 June 2016
Why is Tire Pressure Important?
Driving Distracted, Texting and the Textalyzer
Distracted Driving …. A Growing Epidemic

In keeping up with today’s fast paced lifestyle, people are increasingly trying to fit more and more activities into their day. Multitasking is the name of the game. 

So we find people with their hands full, doing too many things at the same time - eating while working on a report, sending emails while attending a meeting or talking on the phone while preparing dinner (and plotting world domination!). 

It is not a surprise, therefore, that people are also driving while doing another activity. Distracted driving, is in fact, becoming a dangerous epidemic on roadways across America.    Read more.

​By Hanna H   4 July 2016
Distracted Driving, Texting and the Textalyzer
Hyperloop: Fantasy or  Plausible Reality?
​By Hanna H   28 July 2016
THE HYPERLOOP: A Fantasy, Or Plausible Reality?

The general idea of a statewide mass transit system is a good one. It would be great to have an alternative to flying or driving, but obviously only if it is actually better than flying or driving.  

One would think that ideas for efficient and cost-effective statewide mass transit and the resulting benefits would have already brought about a new age of utopian technology. Yet in many areas of life, things don’t seem to have changed all that much over the years, especially in the field of transportation.  

  Read more.

Cars of the Future Update
​By Hanna H   5 August 2016
Cars of the Future Update

We have previously featured articles on driverless cars3D Printer cars, and even the Hyperloop.   ou might think we are obsessed with future technology… and you might be kind of right. It is pretty fascinating.

There is a wry Danish proverb that goes “It is difficult to make predictions, especially about the future.”  However, people, being the way we are, will always be curious of what is to come.

Flying Cars
When the movie Back to Future came out in the 80’s, it had flying cars as the standard mode of transport in the future. However, it incorrectly predicted that it would happen in 2015. The year has come and gone but we are still nowhere near having those.   Read more.

Car Accident
Protecting Yourself After An Accident
By Hannah H    16 August 2016
We’ve heard this often enough -- accidents DO happen, even to the most careful of drivers. In the US, over six million vehicular accidents occur annually. Two out of every ten accidents, unfortunately, lead to fatalities. One in three accidents result in injury to the driver or passenger. Fortunately though, most accidents involve only damage to vehicles and not to its occupants.

It is upsetting enough to be involved in a vehicular accident. There might even be injuries either to yourself or to others. The most important thing you can do first and foremost is to stop, remain calm and check yourself for any injuries.    Read More.
​It’s the middle of summer and things can get pretty hot here - no small exaggeration! What better way to escape than going on a road trip? However, nothing can bring your great summer escapade to a screeching halt more quickly than car trouble!  

Winter can be tough on your car but summer can be just as rough. The hot weather poses a whole new set of challenges where your car is concerned. Here are some common reasons for breakdowns, and some tips to avoid being that poor fellow at the side of the road, all prepped for a road trip with nowhere to go.  Read more.

Avoiding hot weather car problem
How Not To Be One Of Those Stopped on The Side of the Road In Hot Weather
By Hannah H     9 September 2016
By Hannah H     10 September 2016
Fuel Saving Tips
Fuel-Saving Tips—Squeeze More Out Of That Gas Tank

Whether gas prices are up or down, squeezing the best mileage possible from a tank of gas seems like a good idea. Saving money to fuel dreams rather than cars; Why not???  

Some of the ways to get the most out of that tank of gas include driving efficiently, consistent car maintenance practices, and planning trips efficiently. Let's talk about more tips to squeeze more out of that gas in the tank.

Read More.
Fuel Saving Tips
By Hannah H    2 October 2016
Bad Driving Habits

It’s absolutely mind-boggling how many people abuse the cars they spent so much time researching and so much hard-earned money acquiring. There are driving habits that can damage your car; causing it to consume too much fuel, accelerating its need for maintenance, and in some cases even resulting in flat out failures. Here's a closer look at some common driving no-nos and the damage they can do to your car and your wallet:

Read More.